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Bienvenue à la Chambre de Commerce d'Orléans!

2016 BEA Rules and Regulations


There are 13 award categories—4 that will be determined by public vote and 9 that will be determined by a panel of judges.

The Business Excellence Awards Committee has selected a panel of 5 judges. These judges shall, without outside influence, evaluate the nominees and proceed with a pre-selection of finalists based on the specific criteria for the applicable award category.

Each application form will be evaluated by judges based on a scoring system that assesses Business Accomplishments, Level of Expertise, and Community Involvement.

The 5 judges will determine the winner of each of the categories that do not include the following: Small Business of the Year, Large Business of the Year, New Business of the Year, and Business Person of the Year.

For the purposes of the 2016 BEA Awards, “Ottawa-East” shall have the following boundaries: The Ottawa River to the north, up to and including Cumberland Village to the east, Highway 417 to the south, and Vanier Parkway–Riverside Drive to the west.

1.     Anyone can nominate a person or business.

2.     However, a nominee must be a member of the Orléans Chamber of Commerce in good standing except for the 4 main categories, which are open to any business within the boundaries described above.

3.     It is possible to be nominated in more than one category; however, a multi-category nominee may only win in one category.

4.     Past nominees may not be nominated in a category in which they have won in the previous two years. Visit the 2016 BEA Categories page to see past winners.

5.     The Nominator must complete a nomination form to be received by the 2015-2015 Business Excellence Awards Committee no later than the given deadlines for each category. Please refer to the BEA Calendar on page 5 to view these deadlines.

6.     The Nominator agrees to have the nomination form screened by the 2015-2016 Business Excellence Awards Committee.

7.     The nominees must complete an application form and submit it to the 2015-2016 Business Excellence Awards Committee by the application deadlines listed on page 5.

8.     The nominees accept, upon being nominated, that the decisions of the Business Excellence Awards are final and cannot be appealed. Three finalists shall be named per category.

9.     A nominated person, business, or organization agrees to participate in the selection process established by the Committee, as described in point four above.

10.  A nominee may not be replaced or represented by another party at any stage of the evaluation process.

11. The finalist must provide the 2015-2016 Business Excellence Awards Committee with all material necessary for publication. This material includes photos, logos, and a maximum 100-word text description of the nominated person, business, or organization. Note that this 100-word text may be edited.

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