All spots for advertising in
"Orléans For Your Business"
have been filled!

Thank you for investing in Orléans Economic Development and the growth of our community! Orléans For Your Business is on its way into production for this year. Please stay tuned for more advertising opportunities next year.

Orléans For Your Business
Market your business and community!

Orléans For Your Business is a part of a campaign called "Marketing Orléans", designed to celebrate and promote Orléans as an ideal community to live, work and play. Brought to you by the Orléans Chamber of Commerce and Ottawa Business Journal.

Orléans magazine features inspirational people and insightful stories. It informs readers about what’s happening in our community and includes a special 2017 community directory of events. It will be widely distributed to Orléans residents in print and digital format.

With engaging local stories about business, people and quality of life, the magazine will attract two key audiences. First, it will reach an affluent consumer audience (residents) who are local shoppers. This audience directly benefits the magazine’s advertisers. Second, it will reach senior business decision-makers (the OBJ audience) who control millions of dollars in spending power and wield significant authority in terms of regional business development. This audience benefits the Orléans Chamber’s mission.

By participating in the Marketing Orléans campaign, your ad will be seen by a local audience and an exclusive business audiences in print, digital and social media. PLUS you will be supporting the Orléans Chamber in promoting a strong business environment in your community.

● Reach an exclusive audience in print and online
● Wrap your message around high-quality editorial content
● Help support the Orléans Chamber of Commerce’s regional marketing campaign

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Orléans For Your Business Magazine