Orléans Chamber of Commerce Volunteer Committees
Comités de bénévoles de la Chambre de commerce d’Orléans

Listed below are the current volunteer committees for the Orléans Chamber. If you are interested in participating on any of these Committees, please contact the office by clicking here. Committees still accepting members will have a note indicating this.
On trouvera ci-dessous la liste des comités de bénévoles de la CCO. Si vous voulez y participer, veuillez communiquer avec notre bureau en cliquant ici. Les comités qui acceptent encore des membres auront une note indiquant cela.

Economic Development Committee / Comité de développement économique

Chair: Sean Crossan
Vice-Chair: Jasmine Brown


  • Akram Syed
  • Amanda-Lyn Smith
  • Daniel Sigouin
  • Glen Sharp
  • Jean-Robert Sabourin
  • Omar Abouzaher
  • Ravinder Tumber
  • Tony Provenzano
  • Operations Manager (Lina Hariri)

To assist the Executive Director in developing advocacy positions to remove barriers to businesses and promote a healthy business climate. Initiatives include research and strategic planning on initiatives that promote economic development.
Ce comité seconde le directeur général relativement à l’élaboration de prises de position visant à éliminer les obstacles aux affaires et à favoriser un climat des affaires sain. Parmi ces démarches, mentionnons la recherche et la planification stratégique concernant les initiatives qui favorisent le développement économique.

Finance Committee / Comité de finances 

CO-Chairs: Omar Abouzaher                          
CO-Chair: Joëlle Hall


  • Sean Crossan
  • Andrew Scott

The purpose of the Financial Committee is to assist with financial planning, management and reporting on the financial status of the Chamber, to report and make any necessary recommendations to the BOD, to review the annual budget for presentation to and approval by the BOD.

Marketing Committee / Comité de marketing

Andrew Scott


  • Joëlle Drouin
  • Jarrod Goldsmith
  • Jordan Ferraro
  • Mark Jamieson
  • Marie-Pier Malboeuf
  • Glen Sharp
  • Ravinder Tumber
  • Lara Wellman (Does not wish to be a Chamber member in 2018)
  • Operations Manager (Lina Hariri)

To develop a marketing plan for the Orléans Chamber of Commerce, including publications, fund-raising, sponsorship, social media marketing plan, membership services and promotional programs, and to contribute towards their implementation. 

Membership Committee / Comité de adhésion

Chair/Présidence: Jarrod Goldsmith


  • Andrew Scott
  • Cindy Mackay
  • Donna Roney
  • Jazz Chatelain
  • Steve Sicard
  • Operations Manager (Lina Hariri)

This committee assists in increasing new memberships, encouraging member participation and promoting the benefits of the Chamber. It also recommends programs and services to recruit new members and retain existing members.

New - Ambassador Committee (Membership Sub-Committee)/ Comité de l’Ambassadeur (Membres du sous-comité)


Steve Sicard
(Chief Ambassador)

Chamber Ambassadors* are a team of committed and enthusiastic Orléans Chamber of Commerce members who serve as a liaison between the Chamber, its membership and the community as a whole. The goal of Ambassadors are to act as spokespersons to represent the Chamber, help recruit new members, promote membership benefits and increase the general awareness of the organization and its opportunities within the community.

*Ambassadors must be Chamber members in good standing with at least one year of membership and must be endorsed by at least 2 other Chamber members.

Ambassadors are spokespersons are organized by the Membership Committee and/or the Chamber office based on current requirements and can include any (or all) of the following:

  • Welcoming guests and greeting new members at events to help them integrate into the Chamber community;
  • Making welcome or retention phone calls to potential, new or past members;
  • Contacting non-engaged members to encourage increased participation and past members to identify why they left;
  • Recruiting new members through general business dealings;
  • Attending various community events in the region on behalf of the Chamber, including member ribbon cuttings, open houses, anniversary celebrations etc. (may include evenings and weekends);
  • Attending regular Ambassador planning meetings to support Chamber initiatives.
  • Chamber Ambassadors will be expected to contribute approximately one to four hours per month* and can include any or all of the following:
  • Attend Chamber activities including networking breakfasts, after-hour events etc.;
  • Volunteer for at least one event per month;
  • Attend regular membership committee meetings.

*The more you become involved, the greater value you will get from the Ambassador program!
Chamber Ambassadors enjoy unique privileges and benefits including:

  • Increased profile recognition;
  • Exclusive nametags identifying you as a Chamber Ambassador;
  • Photo and bio plus a link to your business website on the Chamber website;
  • Opportunity to invite potential members to networking breakfasts at the discounted member rate.
  • Discounted Chamber events. For more details please email Steve Sicard
  • Current Ambassadors

Currently accepting applications to become an Ambassador. Contact the office for a Registration Form.
Accepte actuellement les demandes pour devenir un ambassadeur. Communiquer avec le Bureau pour un formulaire d’inscription.

Governance Committee

Chair/Présidence: David Bertschi                            
Vice Chair:


  • Sean Crossan
  • Craig Bater

To review the Chamber governance model and present recommendations for any necessary changes to the Board for review and subsequent ratification by members at the AGM.
Ce comité examine le modèle de gouvernance de l’organisme et formule des recommandations concernant les changements nécessaires, à l’intention du Conseil, aux fins d’examen et de ratification par les membres lors de l’assemblée générale annuelle. 

Christmas Committee / Comités de Nöel

Chair/Présidence: David Bertschi


  • Jasmine Brown
  • Gilles Chatillon
  • Nicole Darechuk
  • Samar Yamout
  • Virginia Dupuis
  • Operations Manager (Lina Hariri)
  • Administrative Assistant (Sarah Hunt)

Breakfast Club Committee / Comité du petit déjeuner
Chair/Présidence: Ravinder Tumber                               

  • Jacques Bousquet (2017)
  • Meghan Fish-Bellefleur
  • Jill Blanke
  • Operations Manager (Lina Hariri)
  • Administrative Assistant (Sarah Hunt)

This Committee is comprised of Chamber office staff and Chamber members who meet, on the 4th Tuesday of every month, from 7:30-8:30am, at Café Latte Cino, to discuss and plan Business for Breakfast events, guidelines, and anything else pertaining to these events.  

Currently accepting new members for this committee. Please contact the office if you are interested in joining.
Accepte actuellement les nouveaux membres de ce Comité. Si vous êtes intéressés à joindre, veuillez communiquer avec le bureau.

Golf Tournament Committee / Comité du tournoi de golf 

Chair/Coprésidence: Nicole Darechuk      


  • Gilles Chatillon
  • Jacques Bousquet
  • Mark Jamieson
  • Martin Patterson
  • Shane Bennett
  • Steve Sicard
  • Operations Manager (Lina Hariri)

This committee's function is to assist in ensuring that the tasks, timelines, and budget expectations are realized for the Chamber's annual golf tournament. Includes looking for new members to lend a hand with taking on things like sponsorship etc.

Plans to start meeting are slated for September. Golf tournament to be held beginning of June.

Business Excellence Awards / Prix d’excellence en affaires

Co-Chairs/Co-Coprésidences: Jarrod Goldsmith & Nicole Darechuk


  • Raina Sharma
  • Mazhar Choudhry
  • Penny Yan
  • Operations Manager (Lina Hariri)

The purpose of the Business Excellence Awards (BEA) Committee is to assist the Chamber office staff ensure that the tasks, timelines and budget expectations are realized for the Business Excellence Awards, which are normally held late January/early February. This Committee is comprised of Chamber Members who meet on the 1st Wednesday of every month from 10:30-11:30am at different locations, as determined by the Committee Co-Chairs and Committee members. 

The time expectation for committee work is up to 4 hours per month with up to 8 hours of time required in the final 30 days leading up to the event.

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